The Key Change Course



This nine-lesson video course comes packed with instruction, practical examples, and real-life application for adding key changes to your prelude, congregational playing, special music and more. You’ll receive downloadable hand-outs you can use to follow along with the lesson and enhance your own playing. Find out how to build a smooth, flowing prelude, how to add energy and excitement to your congregational music, and how to add variety to your special music– all with the power of a key change.

This course is great for note-readers and those who play primarily by ear. Chord charts are included and the theory concepts are explained in a comprehensive manner.

Each lesson will have the files attached that you’ll need to follow along with the video. We recommend that you print them off before watching the lesson.

You’ll access the video lessons here on the website, under My Courses.

View a Sample Video:

Note: Video courses are non-refundable. Please read our refund and exchange policy here.


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