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“Foundations in Hymn-Playing” includes 11 Video Lessons that teach you the basics of playing chords, understanding theory, and playing in multiple time signatures, styles, and keys. Just using a hymnal of your choice, you’ll learn the essentials for a church pianist in 2.5 hours of comprehensive content. You can watch and re-watch the lessons as often as you like with lifetime access to the course after purchase.

Ch. 1- Understanding Chords and Basic Theory Ch. 2- Hymn-Playing Basics Ch. 3- Right Hand Role in Hymn-Playing Ch. 4- Left Hand Role in Hymn-Playing Ch. 5- Playing in 4/4 Timing Ch. 6- Playing in 3/4 Timing Ch. 7- Playing in 6/8 Timing Ch. 8- Playing in 9/8 and 9/4 Timing Ch. 9- Special Tempos and Challenging Styles Ch. 10- Playing for Congregational Music Ch. 11- Playing for Invitational Music