Hymns for Beginners – Level 3



Welcome to Level 3 of Hymns for Beginners! This course is designed as a follow-up for Level 2, which is available here. If you’re already a note-reading pianist (at least at an early intermediate level), or you’ve already had a year or two of lessons, you’ll be ready for Level 3 as well. We start off with a review of the keys of C, F, G and B flat, looking back at some songs you learned in previous courses, and adding some more challenging elements to those arrangements. Then, we’ll add the keys of D and E flat, learning many more new hymns, and combining chord strategies you know with new patterns and fill-ins. Happy learning!

After you purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a list of all of the downloadable sheet music files you’ll need to follow along with each lesson. Just make sure you have the hand-out in front of you that I’m also using in the video lesson. You have lifetime access to the course, so you can watch and re-watch the lessons as often as you’d like.

You’ll watch the video lessons right here on the website, under My Courses

*Get all three levels of the Hymns for Beginner Series for just $219. When you add all three courses to your cart, the price will automatically adjust.* 

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