Foundations in Hymn-Playing


This web course includes 11 information-packed lessons that cover essentials for the church pianist, including basic theory, the right and left hands’ roles, different time signatures, and congregational and invitational basics. Filmed in a professional video studio, the course contains 2.5 hours of high-quality content that will give beginners a solid foundation, and provide intermediate and advanced pianists with fresh ideas for their own hymn-playing.



“Foundations in Hymn-Playing” includes 11 Video Lessons that teach you the basics of playing chords, understanding theory, and playing in multiple time signatures, styles, and keys. Just using a hymnal of your choice, you’ll learn the essentials for a church pianist in 2.5 hours of comprehensive content. You can watch and re-watch the lessons as often as you like with lifetime access to the course after purchase.

After purchase, you’ll be able to log-in using your email address and a password that will be given to you via email. You may change it to a password of your choice.

There are no hand-outs attached to this course. All you need is your own hymnal. This course is designed for the pianist who primarily plays by ear, and desires to have a more full hymn-playing style. It’s also for the note-reading pianist who desires to learn how to expand on what is written in the hymnal. Happy learning!

Note-reading pianists, check out the course “Basic Congregational Accompaniment,” if you’d like to get video lessons and sheet music arrangements where all of the fill-ins are written out entirely, available here.

10 thoughts on “Foundations in Hymn-Playing

  1. Kim

    Is this course available on dvd? I live in a rural area with extremely poor internet service. Can’t stream video without it buffering every other word! Would love to have the course but thinking I can’t stream it with my poor internet connection.

    1. Hi Kim, currently, we don’t have the course available on DVD. I had another person ask about how to watch the videos with poor internet connection. She had good internet service at her church, so I suggested that she watch the videos and practice there, if at all possible. I don’t know if this would work for you, but it’s an idea! 🙂 There may be a church nearby that would allow you to practice there, if the service is better. Thank you for inquiring about the course!

  2. Christina Lenington

    Once I purchase the course, how long do I have access to the online videos? Would I be able to watch them more than once?

  3. Alex Rivera

    Hello! Miss Natalie. I am interested in purchasing a course but I am somewhat undecided. I don’t consider myself an expert but either a beginner ( I only have a little bit of trouble for reconozing the chords but i reconize the basic chords I-IV-V-V7 etc…) I want to play for accompaniment for my church, but i have trouble for play directly from the hymn. And i want to do my own arragaments too. Do you recommend this course for what im loking or i keep searching?

    1. Hi Alex, you can read more specifics about each course here:
      Really, if you’re a solid note-reader needing to learn more fill-ins for your hymns, I’d go with Basic Congregational Accompaniment. If you’re not a confident note-reader, but you do play by ear, and you’d like to learn fundamentals and fill-ins, I’d go with Foundations in Hymn-Playing. That course can be taken with only a hymnal of your choice. If you’re not a note-reader, but you’d like to learn, and you’d like to learn how to play basic chords in different ways, I’d go with Hymns for Beginners.

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