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This course is designed as a follow-up to Hymns for Beginners, Level 1, available here.   If you’re already an early note-reading pianist, or you’ve already had a year or two of lessons, you’ll be ready for Level 2 as well. We start off with a review of the keys of C, F, and G, then we add the key of B flat. You’ll learn fourteen new hymns, combining a variety of chord strategies, and adding in some fill-ins!

After you purchase the course, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all of the downloadable sheet music files. To watch the video lessons, you’ll log in to the course through the website using your email address and a password that will be generated to you (in the confirmation email; you can reset that password at any time). Just click on your course under “My Courses,” and follow the directions on screen. Click on the lesson you’d like to watch, and the video will open. I recommend printing off the music so you can follow along with the video lessons.

Note: Video courses are non-refundable. Please read our refund and exchange policy here.

3 reviews for Hymns for Beginners – Level 2

  1. Glenda George

    Hello Natalie, Did you write the song “We Need the Church”? I heard it on North Valley Baptist evening service tonight. If so, is the sheet music available for it? My e-mail àddress is [email protected]

  2. Elaine

    Hi Natalie,
    Can the sheet music for Hymns for Beginners Level 2 be bought separately, without the video lessons?

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi Elaine,

      We’ll be adding several of the arrangements from Level 2 to the website in the next couple days! Thanks so much for asking!

  3. Terri

    I can play hymns but I want to learn how to add to my playing. Should I start with level 2 since I already can play hymns?

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi Terri, it really depends on your note-reading ability. I just emailed you some more specific information. Thanks for reaching out!

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