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This nine-lesson video course comes packed with instruction, practical examples, and real-life application for adding key changes to your prelude, congregational playing, special music and more. You’ll receive downloadable hand-outs you can use to follow along with the lesson and enhance your own playing. Find out how to build a smooth, flowing prelude, how to add energy and excitement to your congregational music, and how to add variety to your special music– all with the power of a key change.

Lesson 1: Why Change Keys? Lesson 2: Explaining the Terms Lesson 3: Half Steps and Whole-Steps Lesson 4: Half-Step Examples in 4/4 Timing Lesson 5: More Half-Step Examples in Other Time Signatures Lesson 6: Whole-Step Examples Lesson 7: Using the Circle of Fifths Lesson 8: All Other Key Changes Lesson 9: Examples of Atypical Key Changes