What A Friend We Have in Jesus – Sheet Music



Written in F Major- 4/4 Time Signature. 2 Verses with Lyrics and Chords- Late Intermediate/Early Advanced Level

[videopress jogPZy9Z]

This arrangement is written for congregational accompaniment. You can see the video lesson by purchasing the course Basic Congregational Accompaniment.

You can find a more advanced arrangement, appropriate for offertories or special music settings (not for congregational accompaniment) here.

4 reviews for What A Friend We Have in Jesus – Sheet Music

  1. Janice Towers

    My husband found you on YouTube today (Sunday). We have been listening to you for hours, crying tears of joy. Oh! How we love the hymns of the faith! My husband paid me a great compliment when he said it sounds like the style of my playing. I am 78 and started playing the piano in church at age 11. Eddie was a church music director from age 19 until the Lord called him to preach in 1970 and he became a pastor. Many times he had to do both. I was the church pianist until we retired in 2009. I miss my music ministry, but a badly broken right arm prevents me from playing more than two or three songs at a time. I am anxious to play your arrangements. God has given you a wonderful gift. Thank you for using it to bless us with such heart-felt beauty. May God continue to bless you and your husband daily. May you truly be blessed with JOY! Janice & Eddie Towers
    Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi Janice, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy the music. I’m so glad to hear you are both encouraged by the videos! You have a wonderful story of ministry to our Lord! God bless you!

  2. James Pizzulli

    I have enjoyed your videos and wish to play better for our Assembly. Please help me navigate in these computers. I am 82yrs old and can play fairly well but I would like to improve!

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi James, for all sheet music, once you purchase a piece, you receive an email with the sheet music attached. You’ll be able to download and print it off from there. For the courses (Foundations in Hymn-Playing and Basic Congregational Accompaniment), after you purchase, you will be able to log in and watch the lessons right on the website.

  3. Kenia

    My daughter started playing. The music sheets are suitable for beginners or only advanced players? I wish there was a preview of the music sheets.
    Thank you

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi there,

      Each hymn starts with a first verse appropriate for intermediate note-readers, then the following verses get progressively more challenging. I’ll be releasing a set of beginner-only hymns and video lessons just after the first of the year. 🙂

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi Kenia, I’ve released several beginner hymn arrangements as well as a beginner hymnplaying course. You can find all of that in the Shop section of the website.

  4. Edward Wilke

    Is this the same exact arrangement as is on the youtube video? I love that arrangement! I wish each of your arrangements had a video of you playing them so we know what level they are and exactly what they sound like. It would be great to be able to preview the music since I don’t want beginner level pieces. Thank you!

    • Edward Wilke

      I think i should have asked if this is the same arrangement that you play on the youtube tutorial video? That is the arrangement I would love to have!

      • natalieraynesmusic

        Hi Edward and Rachel,

        No, this arrangement is not the same as the one on YouTube. This arrangement is a basic congregational accompaniment that is also included in my course by the same name. With the exception of the 20 arrangements that are available individually as well as a package in the course, all of the other arrangements include a link to the YouTube video of me playing through them.

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