The Revolving Piano Duet- Sheet Music

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With over 20 million views on Facebook and over 352K views on YouTube, this viral piano duet is now available in sheet music! This was a spontaneous duet arranged by Tracy Jones, Jonathan Montgomery, Doug Raynes, and Natalie Raynes Blanton. It’s a medley of eight song, with key changes between each song, and a new player for each verse and chorus. We wrote out a list of gospel songs, and just started playing! It was completely unrehearsed, and so much fun!

To add the revolving parts, you will need at least three players. It can also be played as a piano duet, with one person playing each part for the duration of the piece.

Please note: Your purchase authorizes you to print the number of copies needed for each player to practice from his/her own copy. Please do not distribute to others. You’ll receive an email with a link to download the sheet music. Check your spam or junk folder if the email doesn’t come to your inbox. Nothing will be shipped to you. There is a download limit, and viewing the file on your device is considered a download. So, please click the link to download the file when you’re ready to print or save it.

This was meticulously transcribed by My Sheet Music Transcriptions.

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