Oh Happy Day- Sheet Music



Written in G- 3/2 Time Signature- 2 Verses with Lyrics and Chords- Intermediate Level

One thought on “Oh Happy Day- Sheet Music

  1. Evelyn Paterson

    I love your music, started watching on Lockdown, when it was deemed to risky for me to work because of lung issues, then when I went back to nursing and watched on YouTube, I retired at 65, my birthday was in January, and now set my alarm for watching you at 2:30 on Monday afternoon here in New Zealand, it’s my Monday afternoon treat, and I have shared with friends in New Zealand who now enjoy your music as well, It’s not just that you play so beautifully, but your heart is so full for our precious Lord, and it shows in your playing, you and Josh are such a Blessing! And by the way Josh is doing so well in such a short time, he does have a good teacher though, absolutely inspirational, Thank you

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