O Little Town of Bethlehem – Sheet Music



3 verses in the Key of F- lyrics included at the end of the piece. The first verse uses a three-note chord throughout for the right hand, while the left hand plays a relatively simple rolling pattern of quarter notes and eighth notes. The second verse adds a triplet pattern for the right hand melody, and the left hand uses a combination of harmonizing triplets and blocked chords. The final verse opens up with a four-note chord for the right hand and large chords and moving octaves for the left hand. Several different rhythm combinations are used for the left hand, including eighth notes and triplets. The right hand includes several arpeggios of 32nd notes and 16th notes.

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1 review for O Little Town of Bethlehem – Sheet Music

  1. Tiffany Oakley

    Is there a way to view the music before purchasing? I did read thru the description and it was very nicely detailed, I would just like to see if it looks like something I could play before purchasing. Thanks for your help!

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi Tiffany,

      I just linked the YouTube video so you can hear the arrangement entirely. Thanks so much!


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