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Written in G- 4/4 Time Signature- 2 Verses with Lyrics and Chords-Early Advanced Level. This is a great introductory song if you’re just learning an octave-chord pattern for the left hand, and a three-note chord for the right hand. It also uses some simple octave connectors for the left hand.

[videopress gu2FTune]

This arrangement is written for congregational accompaniment. You can see the video lesson by purchasing the course Basic Congregational Accompaniment.


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  1. Jessica Swaney

    Thank you for sharing your gift of music. I listen to your playing and tutorials while at work. Would you please include the key signature that your sheet music is written in? I know you said it is the most common key in hymnals, but I’ve found that the key signature can vary from one hymnal to another. Example: Great Hymns of the Faith hymnal has “It is Well” in the key of C, but a hymnal I have at home has it with multiple flats (I don’t remember how many). I’ve seen “Amazing Grace” in G, but other hymnals have it in F. I’m trying to find arrangements that are the same key as my church’s hymnal. Also, will you please post some samples of the arrangements on the website? I know you said you would post them on YouTube, but I haven’t found the examples yet. Thank you!

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Hi Jessica,

      We have one sample on YouTube right now. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx93SbMwhEs The sheet music for “Come, Thou Fount” is exactly as I am playing it in the video.

      Yes, I’ll go back an add the keys of the songs. Thanks for that suggestion!

  2. Rosalie Marshall

    Thank you so much for sharing your music. I’ve been playing for many years it’s so encouraging to see young people staying with good gospel & traditional music. I love watching your Sunday evening “concerts”. I watch them later on you tube. You have such a sweet spirit .
    So refreshing, keep serving the Lord!
    May God continue to bless you richly.

    • natalieraynesmusic

      Thank you!

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