We Need the Church- Audio CD


Our new vocal CD is now available! It includes 10 original songs with beautiful instrumentals and God-honoring lyrics!


The Raynes Family is excited to release our first vocal album, “We Need the Church.” This album includes 10 original songs, all written by Natalie Raynes Blanton. Produced by Byron Foxx and Bible Truth Music, this CD includes beautiful vocal arrangements, rich instrumentals, and God-honoring lyrics.

Song titles: “We Need the Church,” “Unto You Which Believe,” “No More Condemnation,” “Jesus Came into the Room,” “I’m Not Lost Anymore,” “I Have a Bible,” “More Than a Man,” “He Made a Way in a Manger,” “I Am So Blessed,” and “Everything He Touched, He Changed”

After purchase, your order will be shipped to you in 3-5 business days.

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Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 15.24 × .2 cm

36 thoughts on “We Need the Church- Audio CD

      1. Dorothy Hatch

        I do not use Google pay. Want to buy for a gift to send to Christian friend (a craft shop) in Alabama.

    1. Sheryl L Vander Vorst

      Would love to purchase piano playing CD of natalie. Can’t find anything out there. Is there anything like that available?

  1. Mike Davis

    I ordered my cd and so happy that I did . I’ve only been watching the Raynes Family and love you guys. Would love to visit but Im in Louisiana. Natalie I love your videos Thank you for sharing your time with us. Im a Southern Gospel Singer andI Appreciate you guys stil playing the old traditional Red Books. Please keep me informed of The Raynes Family booking and I would like your church email so I can be a part of the services. Of course I have my church but I love listening to other service. Oh Emily forgot you love when you play violin and you do have a beautiful voice. Love The Raynes! God Bless and Keep you Safe!🙏🙏

    1. James M Carter

      Can someone tell me if Natalie is going to have any concerts, and details to purchase with price and address?

  2. Jessica

    Are you going to come out with sheet music for these songs? Can’t wait to get our copy of the CD in the mail! We love all the songs! Such a blessing!

  3. Darren Stallard

    Hi, I would like to order your cd and sheet music,
    can you please tell me why the postage is so expensive,
    many thanks

  4. Janice R. Lamson

    LOVE LOVE your music. I am 82 an it has gotten me through many rough and lonely times during this pandemic. Thank you. Anxious to get your new CD.

  5. Mark

    Do you have a digital download of the CD? The shipping costs to the UK make the CD very expensive over here but I would really like to listen to it.

  6. Wanda Holbrooks

    I am ordering 2 CD’s for my sister and her husband in Florida! She went to school with Bro. Raynes and I know she will be excited to receive these! May the Lord continue to bless you all as you serve him faithfully!!!

  7. Paul Hodge Jr

    Natalie, I received a copy of “We need the Church” and they do not play on my cd players. Message on Bose machine says, “Not Playable” Can I send this back and get another copy? Thank You. Paul Hodge, Elyria, Ohio

      1. Paul Hodge Jr

        Thank you Natalie. On back of this copy on the shiny side it says in big letters, “It’s a setup!” Do they all say that? Never saw words on back of a CD before. Thank you again, God Bless you and your family.

  8. Paul Hodge Jr

    Natalie, Will send a picture of first cd I received. Second one you sent just came today, works perfect. Sounds great too. Also received today with it MP Melody Publications Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs you recommended on a prior video. Double treat today. Thanks again. Paul Hodge Jr.

  9. Wayne Byrd

    ‘A gift for Christmas. What a blessing! The songs are fairly “simplistic”, but oh the depth of the theology! It has caused me to dig deep into my being to make sure that I am where I need to be with the Lord. Thank you to everyone involved in producing this CD.

  10. John D Burns

    to order 1 CD COSTS $15 US plus $25 shipping and goodness how much taxes and import taxes from my country of residence. If one orders more than 1 item is there a no shipping fee? just asking . it seays that I have this asked this question before ??? sorry but I can’t recall .

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