Standing on the Promises – Sheet Music



Four verses in the key of B flat- Each verse uses a different style of fill-ins and rhythm patterns. The first verse is written at an intermediate-early advanced level with octave-chord motion in the left hand and a three-note chord in the right hand. The following verses, written at an advanced level, use a combination of four-note chording in the right hand, great octave motion in the left hand, triplets, rolling chords, arpeggios, and more. It’s an exciting arrangement, full of variety, that you can use for accompanying your congregation, playing for offertories, or including in your prelude or postlude.

PLEASE NOTE: After purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to the music. Click the link and the music will open. You can save or print it from that screen. Your purchase authorizes you to print (or save) one copy of the music for your personal use. Please do not duplicate and do not send to others. There is a download limit to the file, so please click the link to download the file when you’re ready to print or save it. Opening the file (viewing it on a phone, for example) is considered a download and may prevent you from being able to open the file later when you’re ready to print.

Here’s a video of this arrangement:


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