Course Category: Hymn-Playing Courses

  • Hymns for Beginners

    • Hymns for Beginners - $129.00 $98.00

    This course is designed for the new pianist. You’ll start at the very beginning, learning how to navigate around your keyboard, learning note names and rhythm basics, as well as learning how to read basic sheet music. You’ll learn to play chords in the keys of C, G, and F, and learn how to confidently …

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  • Basic Congregational Accompaniments

    • Basic Congregational Accompaniment - $98.00

    This course includes 20 video lessons of specific hymns, with sheet music attached. You’ll find the downloadable sheet music files in your confirmation email after you purchase the course. Print them off, and follow along with the video lesson. Each lesson is about 12 minutes long, where Natalie walks you through the various fill-ins and …

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  • Foundations in Hymn-Playing

    • Foundations in Hymn-Playing - $98.00

    “Foundations in Hymn-Playing” includes 11 Video Lessons that teach you the basics of playing chords, understanding theory, and playing in multiple time signatures, styles, and keys. Just using a hymnal of your choice, you’ll learn the essentials for a church pianist in 2.5 hours of comprehensive content. You can watch and re-watch the lessons as …

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