If you look at the date of my last blog post, you’d think I haven’t been doing very much over the last several months! But, on the contrary, we’ve been producing a new course that released in November 2019 (find it here), creating a Facebook page to share more music, uploading lots of content to my YouTube channel, teaching many live one-on-one lessons every week, filming a new set of video lessons for congregational playing, and writing sheet music to go with each lesson! In addition, I’ve been working on my original songs for a CD our family is planning to record in a few weeks. It’s an exciting time, and Josh and I are thankful for every door God is opening right now.

Something fun we have added is the Sunday Hymn sessions we do each week on Facebook Live. Each Sunday, at 8:30 PM EST, we take requests from viewers and I do spontaneous arrangements of various hymns (and even some classical songs!). Josh stands behind the camera, and calls out the requests, so I never know what’s coming up! We usually sing a duet or two as well at some point during the session. Josh and I have a such a great time interacting with the viewers, hearing their stories, and sharing the joy the these beautiful hymns and gospel songs bring. I upload all of these sessions to YouTube as well, so you can watch them there.

This week, I even added a clip at the end, where some special guests joined me for a song… 😉

Here’s the latest episode:

Check out some of the other episodes. You just might hear your favorite hymn! Follow my Facebook page to join the live sessions.

See you there!

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  1. I just want you to know that I dont think there will ever be another piano player that can play like you!!!!!!!! I know that we are not supposed to have idols and i try not to, but when I hear you play, i cant help it! Thanks for sharing your GOD given talent!!!!!

  2. Always count on listening to your piano playing of the beautiful hymns. It’s a wonderful blessing. God Bless you all. Will the cds be available for us to purchase

  3. Cant wait for your CD I listen alo the time, this is what Christian music is suppose to sound like, I’m glad I found you on utube

  4. Did you have a session on May 31? I couldn’t find it. We have tremendously enjoyed your playing! We love all of the hymns!

    1. Hi Beverly, it doesn’t look like your order came through on this end. After you add the music to your cart, you’ll see an option to “View Cart.” Click on that, and it will lead you to the Check-out page. Thanks so much!

  5. My brother and I live in the North of Scotland and every Sunday we listen on YouTube to you playing hymns and we are much blessed. My brother, Hector would appreciate if you could play “What a Friend” and I would be grateful if you could play “He the pearly gates will open” The music for this hymn is in Favourites 2 page 78 Thank you. May

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