Sometimes, I theme my preludes by key change progression, either in half-steps, whole-steps, or through the circle of fifths. For example, I’ll play a song in A flat, B flat, C, then D. Other times, I may choose a topic. Every now and then, my preludes work for both types of groupings,  like this prelude on “Heaven” for the video below. I used three upbeat gospel songs about Heaven, “Heaven’s Jubilee” in A flat, “Just Over in the Gloryland” in B flat, and “Everybody Will Be Happy over There” in C. They key changes work seamlessly and this upbeat prelude will encourage your congregation to participate in the service with energy.

God bless you efforts as you do your best to serve Him with music!

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  1. Your ability to teach is a blessing to me. I’ve gained so much information from these two lessons today. I appreciate your desire to share your knowledge with others. May God’s riches blessings be with you!

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