I absolutely love doing these live Q&A Sessions on Instagram. Generally, on Facebook, when we go live on Sunday afternoons, I just play requests from viewers. But, during these live Instagram sessions, we really delve into your questions about a wide range of hymn-playing topics. I play a few requests too. 🙂

These sessions are super informal, and the answers are off the top of my head. Regardless, I hope they are a great help to you church musicians and hymn-players. It is a privilege to use your talents in a worship service for the King of Kings. Working hard to develop your talent and improve your craft can be challenging at times, I know, but I want to encourage you to think of the eternal rewards that come from doing your best to honor God with your gifts. Musicians are a great blessing to a church family, and a skilled and confident musician can add so much to the service.

Blessings to you as you practice, especially while working on those (somewhat) challenging Christmas pieces this season! 🙂

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