When I Survey the Wondrous Cross- Sheet Music



This is the sheet music for the arrangement from the “Haven of Rest” piano CD. It is improvisational, peaceful, and expressive, highlighting the stirring lyrics of this wonderful hymn.

Level: Advanced

Suitable for offertories, specials, etc… Not for congregational accompaniment.

Your purchase authorizes you to print one copy for your personal use. Do not duplicate. After you purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the file. Please open the link when you are ready to print or save the file.

Sheet music was transcribed by My Sheet Music Transcriptions. Visit their website here.

2 thoughts on “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross- Sheet Music

  1. Jacke Burns

    Hello. I paid for 4 downloads on 6/13/21 for $11.96 paid for through my Bank of America Visa card. Actually, I bought them for my husband for Father’s Day as that is something he wanted. I did not realize until after I bought them that these were downloads. I had expected something to come in the mail. I wasn’t sure how to download them and thought the page would remain on my computer or that I could go back later under my account and download them. When I came back to the sight I realized that I did not have an account. I noticed that it says after we pay that you will send an email with a link to download them but I have looked under both of my emails and do not see anything from you. How can I get the downloads for my husband?

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