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Natalie Raynes Blanton is a pianist, composer, and teacher. She and her husband Josh produce video courses, tutorials, and live hymn request sessions across multiple social media platforms, sharing the love of old hymns, writing and publishing new songs, encouraging believers, and training church musicians around the world.


Piano Courses

Whether you’re a long-time church pianist looking for fresh ideas to add to your own style, or you’re a brand-new pianist, wanting to learn how to play hymns using a variety of chord patterns, Natalie has a video course that will encourage and educate you on your hymn-playing journey! 

If you’re a note-reader, or if you primarily play by ear, we have great options that will strengthen your skills, give you new ideas, and help you further your gift for God’s glory! 

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I’m doing my best to be the kind of mom I’ll wish I had been when my children are grown. I know they’re little, and I do NOT pretend like I have parenting all figured out. But I do know this— when they’re grown, I won’t say, “wow, I sure wish I’d spent more time cleaning/working and less time playing with them.” 

Raylen’s love language is quality time for sure, and her little heart loves getting to play with her mommy and daddy. So, I want to get the most out of these short years, spend more time just enjoying my kiddos, and less time stressing about things that won’t matter in 20 years. 💙
Sweet evening with my favorites… sometimes I just look at my life and say, “Thank you, God.” It isn’t perfect, (and I’m for sure not! 😅) but it is wonderful.
Here’s a quick review of the Fesley FEP760 piano. Priced just above $400, it’s a good option for the budget-conscious pianist. Decent sound, great look, small profile, semi-weighted keys, and lots of fun features. Use NatalieMusic for 5% off— available on Amazon! #fesley #fesleymusic #fesleypiano
I enjoy those quiet times with just the Lord, my Bible, and good cup of coffee, and me. But those times are pretty rare these days. It’s usually more noisy, with tiny hands turning the pages with me, or knocking over that good cup of coffee. 😅 Raylen likes to sit there with her Bible and coloring book, but Asher is all over the place right now. You know what? It’s ok. I still want them to know that time with Jesus is a priority to their mama, even if it’s a little more distracted and interrupted. They’re not an inconvenience— they just change the structure a little. But I realize they’re learning eternal lessons from me— by watching me all throughout the day! And I want them to see— like my Mama taught me— that they can go to Jesus in prayer for everything, that His Word is precious, and that He is the most important part of our day. 💗 If you’re a mama, please follow @joyful_mothers . Her account is so encouraging to me! Sometimes it’s convicting, but it’s always good! 😊 What are your favorite encouraging accounts here on IG for motherhood?
🧼I felt tired of trying to find products that worked, that didn’t contain harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals I was scared to use around my babies. 

🫧I was tired of trying to use natural products from companies that supported horrific agendas and mocked my conservative views. 

🇺🇸I wanted to shop for high-quality American-made products as much as possible. And I found a company that is pro-freedom, pro-faith, pro-family— but with some incredibly high-quality products at prices I could find at the regular big-box stores like Walmart and Amazon. 

💙I found that I could actually feel CONFIDENT about being a good steward of the products I brought into my home, knowing they were safe for all of us, actually helping us be healthier in the process! 

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, I’d love to share it with you. I’m not selling it— just sharing what we use and love!
I’ll have a full review on YouTube, but here’s a quick look at this super cool new piano from For the musician who needs a desk/piano combo, this is an amazing option. Fully weighted hammer action keys make for a great playing experience as well. It’s a built-in Bluetooth speaker, includes MIDI and USB ports, two headphone jacks, and more. It’s regularly $1399, but they have sales and coupons available a lot. You can order on Amazon or Donner’s website! 
#donner #donnerpiano
This morning has been a bit of a rough one, if I’m being honest! 🤪 Asher has a tooth coming in, and he’s really not enjoying that process. We’re fighting a tiny bit of congestion, and my to-do list is looking a bit overwhelming. It’s all good— nothing major! But— I’ve been singing this song to the Lord this morning, just to keep my thinking straight. Singing scripture is a powerful way to keep your mind focused on things above, rather than getting overwhelmed, exasperated, and frustrated. When you are praising the Lord with a song, it’s hard to keep a bad attitude! 😃💗 What are you going to be singing today? 🎶

“I will sing of the mercies of the Lord”- text- Psalm 89:1; music by James Fillmore
Does anyone else actually *NOT* prefer noise-cancelling earbuds? There are times that is a great feature (airplane, car ride, etc…), but most of the time, I actually need to hear what’s going on around me, and I find that the open-ear design on these @sudio N2 earbuds are the PERFECT balance. The audio quality is fantastic— super clear. But I’m still able to hear environment noise just fine—which is a must, when you’re walking on a road, playing the piano during a video lesson, or just cleaning house during the kids’ nap time! And— can we say affordable?! These are $59, and I have a code for you for 15% off! 🤩🎧 If you’re needing a great graduation gift for someone— this is IT. Use code Natalie152024 for my discount! Sudio has lots of great models that DO offer complete noise cancelling, if that’s your thing. These just happen to be my favorite. 😅#sudio #sudion2
We have baby chicks! 🐥 We’ve had egg-laying hens for about a year now, but we needed some more, and Josh decided we’d start with baby chicks. 🤩 The kids love them. Such a fun little adventure! Josh built their box, and Raylen loves to come check on them, making sure they have plenty of food and water. 😅💗
We had a super rainy Sunday, so this is the song I was humming throughout the day. ☔️ Tell me a blessing you’re thankful for today. I’ll go first- I’m thankful for my precious family! God has been so kind to us! 
“Showers of Blessing”- by D. D. Whittle (1883) 
This is a very typical day. 💗 It looks like a juggling act sometimes, and I suppose it is! Each day has so much variety, and I love it! 

Life isn’t about finding balance— it’s about doing what you should be in that moment. Every role in my life doesn’t get equal time right now. I’m a wife and mom first, then a business owner. But I’m finding ways to bring a little margin in there these days. We have the sweetest nanny who comes a couple days a week for a couple hours, which allows me to have a few focused hours in the office, catching up on emails/order, and working on creative pursuits, like new arrangements and courses. Bread making has been such a fun hobby I never thought I’d get into, but it’s so fun and relaxing— even when my loaves aren’t as fluffy as I’d like! 😅 

This season has so much joy, and I’m loving it. 💙💐🍕 And any day we have homemade pizza for supper is a good day.

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