Having performed in many weddings, special events, and concerts for over eighteen years, I bring a professional and musical excellence to your event.


Pricing for Weddings and Special Events is as follows:

Wedding/Event: $440 

Rehearsal: +$60 

Reception: +$150

(Reception Only: $400)

I own a large repertoire of both classical, sacred, and popular love songs. If you specify certain songs you’d like that I do not currently own or know, and must purchase and learn, there will be a $10 charge for each piece. 

If I’m needed to practice with other musicians or vocalists outside of the rehearsal date, those rehearsals will be $70 an hour. 

Wedding cost includes up to a 45-minute prelude, songs during the ceremony, and a 20-minute postlude. 

Other special events include up to a total of an hour and a half of music. 

Reception includes up to 45-minutes of music. 


For weddings within 50 miles of my home, there is no travel cost included. For weddings beyond 50 miles, there is an additional charge of $0.35 per mile (just one-way). 

For weddings beyond 70 miles, where I’m needed to attend the rehearsal, hotel accommodations are also required.

For weddings beyond 475 miles, travel costs will include airfare, and hotel accommodations are required.

If you’d like a specific quote for your event, please contact me here. Just tell me the details about the event, date, and location, and I’ll get back with you within 48 hours.


After contacting me to book the date of your event, I’ll send you a link to pay the balance. A deposit of at least 50% is requested at least one month before the event. The remaining balance may be paid in full at the event.