Christ the Lord Is Risen Today – Sheet Music



This 3-verse arrangement in the Key of C includes lyrics, and uses musical elements to highlight this powerful text by Charles Wesley. The first verse opens up with a three-note chord in the right hand and moving octaves in the bass. The second verse moves the right hand to a four-note chord throughout, while the left hand adds energy and motion with a variety of octave connectors. For the final verse, the right hand leads the glorious melody in soaring octaves, almost as a descant for several measures. The left hand gets to play different styles of fill-ins, all while keeping the rhythm steady to complement the right hand.

This setting is appropriate for congregational accompaniment, offertory, prelude and more.

NOTE: Your purchase authorizes you to print one copy for your personal use for congregational accompaniment, prelude, offertory, or other settings. After purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to download the music. There is a download limit, so please click the link to view the file when you’re ready to print. Viewing the file is considered a download.


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