A Life of Worship- Audio CD




From the Raynes Family comes 11 brand-new songs that exalt the Lord with energetic melodies and rhythms, and Scripturally-based lyrics.

Song titles include: “I’ve Gotta Tell,” “Live a Life of Worship,” “You Stay the Same,” “Wait for the Miracle,” “The Power of His Word,” “He Loved Me Before,” “Anyway,” “It’s Time to Sing Again,” “When My Heart is Overwhelmed,” “Whosoever Will,” and “This Side of the Cross”

With dynamic orchestration by Colton Fenner, piano tracks from Natalie Raynes Blanton, and powerful acoustic instrumental tracks from Andy Leftwich, Andrew Jones, and Adam Raynes, this new vocal album will uplift you and encourage you to praise the Saviour!

*Sheet music for all songs will be available here on the website!

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