Live Instagram Q&A Session

I absolutely love doing these live Q&A Sessions on Instagram. Generally, on Facebook, when we go live on Sunday afternoons, I just play requests from viewers. But, during these live Instagram sessions, we really delve into your questions about a wide range of hymn-playing topics. I play a few requests too. 🙂 These sessions are […]

How Great Thou Art- Focused Tutorial

This is definitely one of my favorite hymns to play congregationally. I love the energy and power behind the text, and the music perfectly complements that. This is a great piece to practice adding variety to your hymn-playing. Continue working on playing each verse slightly differently than the one before, building to the final verse. […]

It Is Well with My Soul- Focused Tutorial

A couple months ago, I filmed a few focused tutorials, covering just one hymn each. Here’s the first in that series- “It Is Well with My Soul.” I go through each verse slowly, explaining my thought process for the different techniques and fill-ins I use. Do your best to avoid getting into a rut in […]

New Hymn Collection on YouTube!

  This collection of spontaneous hymn arrangements was so much fun. I just turned through the hymnal, and played some favorites. Most of the arrangements are around a minute long, so we can use them on our Instagram page, @beautynblacknwhite, so that explains why a couple cut off before the song was done. 🙂 If […]

Giving Your Preludes a Theme

Hey church pianists, Do you theme your preludes or just play whatever comes to mind? I’ll admit I do a little of both. Sometimes, I theme a prelude around key changes, moving through the Circle of 5ths, or moving up half steps or whole steps. Other times, I play songs from one theme of Scripture, […]