My new favorite company…

Learning how to use sheet music notation software has been a major learning curve for me. I’ve had moments where I enjoyed the process, and moments where I thought I might be wasting my time trying to master Finale! When it comes to writing out congregational accompaniment, I’ve really learned to love it. I work […]

Sunday Hymn Series

If you look at the date of my last blog post, you’d think I haven’t been doing very much over the last several months! But, on the contrary, we’ve been producing a new course that released in November 2019 (find it here), creating a Facebook page to share more music, uploading lots of content to […]

Wedding Song Ideas

I’ve played in weddings since I was about 13 years old (I’m amazed a bride and groom trusted me to play at their wedding when I was that young, but I’m glad they did!). Through those years, I’ve learned some really beautiful love songs, and some that honestly weren’t that great. Often, brides ask me […]

Playing for Invitations

The video below specifically works on “I Surrender All,” but the style is appropriate for invitational hymns, in general. The main point to remember when playing for an invitation or time of prayer is to play much more softly than you do for congregational music. You are there to provide more of an atmosphere and […]

Giving Your Preludes a Theme- Part 2

Sometimes, I theme my preludes by key change progression, either in half-steps, whole-steps, or through the circle of fifths. For example, I’ll play a song in A flat, B flat, C, then D. Other times, I may choose a topic. Every now and then, my preludes work for both types of groupings,  like this prelude […]