Learning how to use sheet music notation software has been a major learning curve for me. I’ve had moments where I enjoyed the process, and moments where I thought I might be wasting my time trying to master Finale! When it comes to writing out congregational accompaniment, I’ve really learned to love it. I work hands separately, studying the lyrics to add in improvisational elements that allow the text to shine. Writing out arrangements for the video courses is also super fun.

When it came to writing out the sheet music for the brand new piano album, I realized I was in over my head! When I play congregationally, each hand has a specific role that is quite clearly defined. In general, the right hand plays the melody, while the left hand incorporates a variety of fill-ins and rhythmic movements to provide the accompaniment. For the CD arrangements, however, I employed a much more artistic style. The arrangements weren’t spontaneous. I had developed them in a particular style that fit the theme of the album, “Haven of Rest.” They’re much more flowing, expressive arrangements than I would use when playing for a congregation to sing. I sat down with the first audio file, and after five hours of working, had only completed sixteen measures. That was discouraging, to say the least!

That’s when I decided to reach out for help. I immediately contacted My Sheet Music Transcriptions, a service I had heard of and briefly considered but had not used yet. They replied quickly with a reasonable quote, and got to work! Their turn-around time is unbelievable and their customer service is unparalleled. They took each of my audio files, and transcribed them completely by ear, and by hand. They had every song done in record time, and I am truly amazed at the accuracy and professionalism.

I’m often asked if I do custom transcriptions– sheet music for songs someone found on YouTube, but can’t locate the sheet music… transposing lead sheets and adding piano accompaniment… transcribing an audio file of an original composition for a budding song-writer, etc… These are the type of jobs that My Sheet Music Transcriptions can complete for you at a reasonable price with impeccable quality. If you’re needing any type of sheet music work done, please check out their site.

I can not say enough about how incredibly impressed I am with My Sheet Music Transcriptions. This company is a joy to work with, and I’m super excited to share our collaboration with you all. I know you’ll love their work as much as I do! Please visit their website below to explore how they can help you with your upcoming project! And stay tuned– we’ll be releasing all of the sheet music for the CD as soon as the CDs arrive!


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